Another Quick Vegan Meal in a Dish


One of my favorite additions to the shelves at Costco has been pastas made of bean flours. These pastas are a find for vegetarians and vegans and are a great way for carbohydrates to double as protein. Organic Black Bean Pasta has been a favorite for awhile. The other day while I was shopping, I noticed a new item on the shelves, Organic Red Lentil Pasta. Of course I had to run right home and make something with it for dinner. Here’s the result.

First, I set the salted water with a few drops of olive oil in it to boil. When it was boiling, I threw in enough pasta for three servings.  I kept a pretty close eye on it, because pasta doesn’t usually do well with overcooking, and these bean flour pastas are  no exception!

I had to use up a few green beans, a couple of plum tomatoes, a roasted yellow pepper and part of a bunch of parsley. That made my dinner decision really easy. I just threw some extra virgin olive oil into my trusty cast iron fry pan with some minced fresh garlic, chopped onion and a little salt as well as quite a bit of crushed oregano and some red pepper flakes. I sautéed the mixture for a moment, then added the green beans, yellow pepper cut into 2″ strips like the green beans, the petite diced tomatoes and chopped parsley.  Because it seemed like it would taste good with those items, I also added some capers and sliced green Middle Eastern olives I always keep in the ‘fridge.

By the time I added my leftovers to the pan and they were warmed through, the pasta was done. I drained it. Next time I’ll remember to rinse it after cooking as well, because this particular pasta has a tendency toward a little gumminess. I added the pasta to my cast iron pan with the veggies, stirred gently together for a moment, and it was a delicious dinner.


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