Farmer for a day, and what a beautiful day it was!

I joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) this year, and what a beautiful start to the season. Yesterday was sunny with a few beautiful clouds and a cool breeze, perfect gardening weather. This CSA is on the edge of a forest preserve (Brunner Family Farm) just 10 minutes from my home in Algonquin. I signed on for a Worker’s Share because I want to be part of the process as I once was when I had a farm of my own. Although I’m interested in growing a lot in a tiny space like my deck, being out in the fields has so many advantages, and I couldn’t resist the experience. This was one of those days that provided them all!

Yesterday I got to water some of the plants just beginning to come up, moving from plant to plant, up and down the rows, giving each little plant a good soak. As I finished two rows, I moved the very long hose over two rows and began again.

After a couple of hours, Bob, the CSA owner-operator, came back to check on me from the fields where he was working, planting more rows. He thought I might be getting bored. Bored?! Oh my goodness, no. Being out in that beautiful place on a day like yesterday, feeling the warm sun and perfectly cool breeze, hearing little other than breeze and birds, watching the tall grasses wave and the plants grow, seeing the sunlight sparkling on small puddles of water as I worked…knowing that cows were over in another area being cows and chickens in yet another area being chickens…there’s just nothing better to restore one’s soul.

I thought about the plan I’ve had for several years to move but then thought how fortunate I am to not only live with my husband next door to my younger son and his family and not at all far from my older son and his, but to look out on a pond in a wetland conservation area, to walk to the corner for my groceries every day, and now to drive just ten minutes from my home and farm to my heart’s content. It’s time to give my soul a Sabbath, a rest from planning and reorganizing, and just be, appreciating where I am in this moment in all its amazing, miraculous details. Time to just watch the plants grow.

If you’d like more information about the CSA, please visit Bob’s Fresh and Local (produce) and All Grass Farms (livestock, chickens, milk and cheese).


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4 thoughts on “Farmer for a day, and what a beautiful day it was!

  1. What a wonderful way to spend a day…. and it’s a fabulous project. I once helped out a friend for a summer with his very large garden and then at two farmer’s markets per week. SO much work, but wow… I learned so much and loved every minute. Never bored… Sounds like your life is so fruitful, with the fields of motherhood where you toiled for years. This post made me smile…. 🙂

    1. That’s one of the things I love so much about it, Dottie, the learning. When I had my organic garden and orchard so many years ago, I subscribed to Organic Gardening and Farming and read every issue cover-to-cover, did other research, and experimented. One of my best experiments was keeping the raccoons from eating my corn, which they did every year just as I thought it was ripe and I’d pick it the next day. Not. Every ear would be gone. I tried everything. Finally I planted cucumbers between the rows and got my corn. It turns out they don’t like to walk through the prickly vines. Anyway, I really appreciate this opportunity to learn from the pros. Glad I made you smile. I’m smiling too.

  2. We pass by that farm each day and love seeing the cows and chickens. (Though the rogue wandering chickens at the side of the road make me terribly nervous.)

    It is beautiful there and your post here just makes me want to go out in my garden tomorrow and work twice as hard. Nothing better than growing what you eat!

    1. I love seeing the chickens too! They moved them back some now…wonder if that will help the road situation? Once upon a time, I had a huge organic garden and orchard with beautiful views all around. Loved being out in it every day, and this is the first time in over thirty years I’ve been able to do this again. I think I might have to up my volunteering! Watching the plants grow is like watching your kids grow. Miss a week, and you don’t even recognize them. 🙂

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