Middle Eastern Style Green Beans (Lubiyah) Redux

Middle Eastern Style Green Beans (Lubiyah)
Middle Eastern Style Green Beans (Lubiyah)

This is a green bean stew I made with my CSA beans. Virtually every Middle Easter/Mediterranean country has its version of beans stewed in tomatoes with garlic, lemon and olive oil. You’ll find my original recipe here.

I made a couple of small changes this time: 1) I didn’t want to use my beautiful fresh tomatoes from the CSA because we like to eat them fresh while we can and barely adorned. Instead I used canned petite diced tomatoes — a 19 oz. can will replace what’s in the original recipe. I also wanted it a little “soupier” since the beans needed to cook longer, so I added some water with the tomatoes. 2) Other than the garlic, I added the seasonings toward the end of the cooking time, and I reduced the hot paprika some due to sensitive palates in my family these days.

These beans included yellow, green and purple — so cool! I have to double-check the exact varieties. I love picking things and taking them home to eat.

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