Tea with Nana (Mint)

The Japanese Tea Ceremony or “The Way of Tea” is a well-known ritual.  Not so well-known are the requirements for preparing tea on the Sabbath if you are an observant Jew.  Even when it is not the Sabbath, preparing Tea with Nana can be a beautiful ritual, and drinking the tea is only one part of it.

Select beautiful, fresh mint with stems that have not turned woody, preferably from an area that has not been subjected to pesticide sprays.  Immerse in cold water to remove any sand or debris.  Remove from the water and allow to drain in a sieve for a few moments.  If not using right away, wrap the mint loosely in paper towel, bag and store in the vegetable bin of the refrigerator.

When you’re ready to make the tea, choose a clean glass that is an appropriate tea size.   Some websites display beautiful Moroccan style tea glasses, lightly colored with ornamentation.   Remove a bunch of mint from what you have prepared, leaving the leaves attached to the stem but removing any unsightly stem pieces.  Fill your glass with the mint, stems down.

Bring a pot of water to a full boil.  Pour the water into the glass over the mint leaves and allow to steep.  

The water will turn light green as the mint steeps, and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful aroma of fresh mint.

You can drink the tea just like this or drop a tea bag into the water briefly to steep until the tea is the strength you enjoy.

Tea - Nana (Mint) with Tea Bag Added

This simple tea when made correctly will be clear and beautiful with a wonderful aroma.  It is delightful to sip at any time of year, alone or with friends.

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