Ways to Think About Food: Conscious Choices


Next spring, 2016, I will teach a class in the Retired Adult Program (RAP) at McHenry County College in Crystal Lake, Illinois. I’m working out a course outline and would like to share it with you, my followers, and invite your comments.

Eventually I hope to prepare videos to accompany sessions and perhaps combine theory with a little cooking practice. I envision the six sessions working together but would also like each session to stand more or less on its own:


This six-session class will view food choices through different prisms. In the course of these six sessions, we will:

  • discover how conscious and unconscious choices about food express worldview and values,
  • learn to make conscious choices about foods we eat (and don’t eat),
  • learn to create a stronger connection between what we eat and what we value,
  • find out how to derive more satisfaction from the food we eat,
  • see how this process can influence every aspect of how we live our lives, and
  • learn how this process can contribute to greater health and fulfillment.


  1. Eat to Live (Survival)
  2. Meals in the Bible
  3. Food Rituals (Kashrut, Tea Ceremonies, Begging Bowls, Sacrifice)
  4. Ethics of Eating Pt. I (Vegetarian and Vegan)
  5. Ethics of Eating Pt. II (Sustainability and Fair Food)
  6. Food That Does Not Satisfy (Special and Fad Diets)

I’d like to hear from you! Please share your thoughts and ideas or any resources you think would contribute to this series.

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Ideas? Would like to hear from you!